Learn to Bellydance

Realign your feminine beauty and power as you shimmy your way to a more toned and luscious shape.  The shaking, undulatory movements of Bellydance, work to strengthen the core, tone the abdominals, mobilize the joints, and increase flexibility of the hips and spine. Energize your body, release your mind from the everyday, nourish your spirit, uplift your soul, make new friends, feel positive and alive!

WARNING:  The hypnotic rhythms, exotic movements, and feel good benefits of Bellydance are highly addictive!

Join our ReBELLYon Classes!!

New Timetable Commencing Feb 5, 2020


ReBELLYon Beginners

Discover a new world of creative self-expression as you learn the fundamental movements of Bellydance. Shimmies, belly-rolls, chest lifts, pretzels, snake arms, and the coveted Egyptian Walk, will soon become part of your daily routine; as you walk to the train station, as you sashay your way through the office, as you wait for your stop in the elevator…

Emily and Sarah performing at Melbourne University


ReBELLYon Int/Adv

This class aims to push, pull and stretch your creativity and repertoire to new heights!  Through technical, rhythmic and improvisational exercises your will learn to THINK like an artist, TRUST your reactions, be FEARLESS, BELIEVE in yourself and FIND YOUR AUTHENTIC EXPRESSION.  Please bring Bellydance props, drums, and instruments. 

Azura 5 months pregnant performing at The Spot

SUNDAY 8.30am

ReBELLYon Fun & Fitness

Belly pops, undulations, shimmies, and shakes!  ReBELLYon Fitness combines easy-to-follow Bellydance routines, with fun props, such as veils, fans, sequined sticks, and 1-2kg hand weights.  This class is a fun and fabulous full-body-workout.  BYO hand weights.

Private Classes with Azura available by appointment

Workshops available for Team building Events, Hens Nights, and special occassions

Master Classes available for Dance Schools and Arts Events. Sessions run for two to three hours and are dedicated to the focused study of a particular style, prop, or choreography. Choose your study focus from the following list:-

  • Wings-Of-Isis – Learn how to manipulate this spectacular prop and WOW your audience. Discover the Butterfly, the Phoenix, and the Snake.
  • Swirling Veils – Create an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue with a swirling veil. Improvisation techniques and choreography included.
  • Rhythm & Zill – Discover how to play and move at the same time with a Goom-Tek-Tak-Tek and a Goom-Te-Goom-Ra-Ta-Ka. Zill and Tef supplied.
  • Saiidi – Learn an urban Folk style dance to the famous Bellydance tune Ha Bibi Ya Eini
  • Drum Solo – Brush up on your isolations, timing, accents and footwork. Learn the skills to spontaneously drum solo with confidence and flair.
  • Taqsim – Develop beautiful arm and hand work that stretches straight from your heart into the audience. Layered shimmies and isolation drills are what it’s all about.
  • Turkish 9/8 – Get your gypsy on! Learn how to feel in 9/8, seemingly complicated foot patterns, arm work, and how to tell the story of a gypsies life through your dance.
  • Azura Style Choreography and Performance – Learn how to set the stage alight Azura Style! Azura’s style has developed over 2 decades of performance and 3000 solo shows. Claim the stage, make friends with the audience, and enjoy the show!

Creative Direction and Mentorship programs for dancers wishing to enter the entertainment industry, increase their industry knowledge, and develop sure-fire performance skills.